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Draw Tite™ Penetrating Sealer/Primer, the One and Only of its kind! Draw Tite™ is a remarkable achievment in water based technology. It is superb for sealing ripped, shredded and gouged drywall prior to the application of wall repair compounds. Draw Tite™ exhibits excellent moisture resistance and will not bubble or rewet once dry. Draw Tite™ is also an excellent choice for sealing chalky porous surfaces. The low odor and non-flammability make this product a perfect substitution for Shellac and oil based primers.

"...In 35 years as a licensed contrator I have never seen a better product for repairing damaged drywall and it is completely odorless, which is a big plus."
- President, LA Chapter, National Guild of Professional Paperhangers

"You brought us a brand new product. A water based primer that does something that nothing else does well!"
- Mike Eisen, former LA Chapter President National Guild of Professional Paperhangers


  • Seals Damaged Drywall Prior to Applying Wall Repair Compunds.

  • Works Excellent Under Hot Mud.

  • Use Over Flat and Enamels to Insure Moisture Resistance.

  • Can be Applied Over a Wide Range of Surfaces.

  • Will Not Lift When Double Cutting Vinyl Wall Coverings.

  • Low Odor, Soap and Warm Water Clean-Up.

  • Click Here To Learn More About Draw Tite™ on YouTube.


    Surface Preperation: All surfaces must be free of grease, oil, loose or peeling paint and any foreign materials. Remove obvious loose pieces of drywall surface paper.
    Application: Brush, roller or spray. Apply a generous coat.
    Drying Time: 4 hours. Top coat with mud or repair compounds and let dry. Reapply selected Draw Tite™ product over repaired surfaces prior to applying paint or wall coverings.
    Thinning: Ready to use. DO NOT THIN.
    Coverage: 400-600 Sq Ft per gallon depending on porosity and texture of surface.
    Clean Up: Soap and warm water.
    IMPORTANT : Do not use if surface or air temperature is below 55°F. Keep from freezing. Do not use if freezing occurs.



Draw Tite™ is available at many specialty supply stores including your local Sherwin Williams.

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Draw Tite™ is available in multiple formulations. If you are unsure of which to use please contact our expert staff to guarantee you get the right Draw Tite™ product for your job.

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