#5000 Acry-Namel

Acrylic Semi-Gloss Enamel

A professional quality semi-gloss enamel made with acrylic resin. It is designed for the demanding professional painter. Acry-Namel exhibits excellent hide, color retention and is formulated to be non-yellowing. Acry-Namel can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces, for darker colors we recommend use of our #7000 Acry-Sheen or our #8000 Ever-Gloss.

    Colors: White, Stock Colors and Tints. Factory Custom colors with 100 gallon minimum.

    Packaging: Quarts, Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails.

    Finish: Semi-Gloss.

    Substrates: Properly primed wood, masonry, and metal.

    Drying Time: To Touch - 1 Hour.
    To Recoat - 8Hours.
    Under normal weather conditions @70° F, 50% relative humidity.

    Coverage: 350-450 sq ft per gallon depending on surface texture and porosity of surface.

    Surface Preperation: All surfaces must clean, dry and free of dust, loose paint and surface contaminants that may impair adhesion.

    V.O.C.: Does not exceed 50 grams per liter.

    Application: Airless or conventional spray, brush or roll.

    Primers: Recommended primers are listed below.

    Drywall - #63 Dynacoat Enamel Undercoat, #PV101 PVA Sealer.
    Brick - #7509 "F" Stop, #95 Busan Acrylic Primer, #330 Draw Tite.
    Wood (new) - #95 Busan Acrylic Primer, #63 Dynacoat Enamel Undercoat (interior only).
    Wood (painted) - #300 Bus-Stop 100% Acrylic Primer, #97 Selz².
    Metal (ferrous) - #301 Rust Stop Red Oxide Primer, #302 Rust Stop White Primer.
    Metal (non-ferrous) - #95 Busan Primer, #300 Bus-Stop 100% Acrylic Primer, #302 Rust Stop White Primer, #97 Selz².

    Thinning: Small amount of water if required.

    Clean Up: Soap and warm water clean up (a rinse with lacquer thinner or brush cleaner may be necessary).